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There are many factors to consider when choosing between a new and a used tractor. Costs and budgeting might be important to you. A new tractor will obviously be more expensive than a used one. However, new tractors often come with warranties, as well as modern features and other advantages that won’t accompany a used tractor. Keep in mind that a new tractor is likely to require much less upkeep and maintenance than a used one. Used tractors are more likely to need maintenance and are more likely to break down.

You should determine how much you are willing to spend on a tractor, but it is equally important to figure out how much you are willing to spend on maintenance and upkeep. This should help you to determine whether you are able to buy a new or used tractor. You also must know what you will be using the tractor for. If you need a tractor for small tasks and won’t be using it frequently, you might consider a used tractor. However, it might make more sense to purchase a new tractor for long-term, frequent, heavy-duty use.

The size tractor you need will likely depend on the amount of land that the tractor will be taking care of. The type of duties the tractor will perform will also help determine what size would be best. If your tractor will be covering five or fewer acres, a subcompact tractor might be best to do the job. Subcompact tractors like the 2021 Kioti CS 2210 are affordable and have high maneuverability, which is ideal for small acreage with tight spaces. You might want to consider a compact tractor like the 2021 Kioti CK 3510 CH for spaces between 10 and 20 acres, and jobs that are not extremely heavy. For more than 20 acres and heavy, intense land work, a utility tractor might serve you best.

There is no one tractor that is perfect for everyone’s needs, and you will need to ask yourself a series of questions to help determine which tractor you should buy or rent. First, what size tractor do you need? Do you need a subcompact tractor or a compact tractor? Do you need something bigger? It depends on the tasks the tractor will be performing, and the size of the land it will be taking care of. Do you want a tractor with a cab, or do you want to feel the open air as you drive the tractor? What kind of engine do you want, and how much horsepower will it need? Do you want manual or standard transmission? You will also need to think about any special features that your tractor will need. If your tractor will primarily be moving and transporting dirt, you will want to consider a tractor that is suited to this job.

A good tractor dealer will help clients figure out which tractor suits them. Give RJ Power a call, and we can help you work through all of these questions and find out which tractor meets your needs. Fill out our contact form, or give us a call.

A tractor can be a farmer’s best friend. Tractors have more uses in farming than many people realize, and once you get your hands on an RJ Power Kioti tractor, you won’t believe how much you’ve been missing out on. Tractors can be used for all aspects of land preparation, such as plowing, brush hogging, marking and making beds, and composting, or even planting seeds. When your crops are ready, your tractor will help you harvest with ease. Tractors can also be used for many other jobs around the farm, such as feeding livestock, drilling holes, or moving heavy items.

Depending on its size, type, make, model, and features, the cost of a new tractor can range from $10,000 to $80,000. It can be overwhelming to think about the costs related to buying a new tractor, and that’s why RJ Power supports customers through financing options that fit any budget. Call us to discuss your financing plan with our team.

A three-point tractor hitch is a linkage system that allows other implements to be attached to your tractor, enabling it to perform extra tasks. Not all three-point hitches are created equal; when buying extra implements for your tractor, you must ensure that they fit the type of three-point hitch that it carries. If you are buying a lawn tractor, a compact tractor, or a subcompact tractor, it will likely have a Category 0 or 1 three-point hitch.

A tractor can be dangerous if it is used while in need of repair, so it’s important to check the condition of your tractor often. The exterior of the tractor can give you clues. Check for rust levels on the body, how the articulation point moves, and the condition of the rims and tires, for example. A deeper look will also help you determine how healthy your tractor is. Check the engine and hydraulics for leaks or damage, and inspect the battery.

A flail mower is a special type of mowing attachment that can be fitted onto your compact tractor. One difference between flail mowers and other mowing attachment is that the Y- or T-shaped blades run perpendicular to the ground instead of horizontally. The main advantage of flail mowers is that they produce a less messy cut, leaving you with less clean-up.

The experts at RJ Power can answer all the questions you have about purchasing a tractor. Whether it has to do with size, type, or even which model is best, give us a call today to let us help you figure things out. Fill out our contact form, and an RJ Power expert will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also visit our Longview showroom today to speak to an expert or get a first-hand look at our selection of mowers, tractors, and utility side-by-side UTVs.